next stage investments

in early tech companies.


Eyos Capital is a hands-on investment firm, based in Amsterdam, which invests in early stage tech companies with defendable intellectual property. Rather than focusing on certain industries only we look for enabling technologies that can be implemented in various verticals.


What we love.

Businesses that have the potential to disrupt major industries! All of us have started and run companies for a living. Eyos Capital is where we invest in our peers. We seek companies that are headquartered in the Benelux or Germany. We invest in businesses at different levels of growth, however our primary focus is at seed and early stages.Eyos Capital leverages an extensive network of business partners in the Benelux and Germany to deliver strategic, gainful opportunities to our portfolio companies.


How we work.

The firms investment capital comes from the management itself and a number of direct investors, including Dutch family offices.Together with its investors, Eyos Capital creates an equal and trusted environment in which promising growth strategies are nurtured. Rather than being an investor only, we see ourselves as long term business partners to our portfolio companies.

Our expertise

& network.

Eyos Capital’s management is formed by experienced entrepreneurs with an extensive track record. Invested companies benefit from added value in the form of expertise, an extensive network and, for example, the filling of board positions.

Who we
look for.

We are always looking to partner with entrepreneurs, outsiders, innovators and visionaries.Our style is not for everyone. We push when we see potential. We are direct and honest. We give our all to help our invested companies become highly successful businesses. By viewing the world differently, we believe we make the difference.